Research Highlight

Plant Cell & Environment cover

Our manuscript on natural diversity in HopZ1a recognition has been published in Plant Cell & Environment! This work was spearheaded by Maël Baudin, with contributions from Claire Bendix, Jana Hassan, Rolin Sauceda and Nate Diplock, and in collaboration with Dr. Andrei Petrescu and Eliza Martin at the Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy in Romania, and Dr. Chelsea Specht and Dr. Chodon Sass at Cornell University and UC Berkeley in the US. We carried an computationally-informed ecotype screen, and identified natural variants in ZAR1 and ZED1 that affect recognition of HopZ1a. This work combines natural diversity and functional assays to identify molecular determinants of HopZ1a recognition. The manuscript is available here

Posted October 27, 2020, updated December 1, 2020.